Bible Building Bridges

Bridge the gap between prisoner and community
Your contribution alters lives and brings prisoners closer to God

Building Bridges

With this project we aim to provide South African prisoners with opportunities to meet God and grow spiritually. We have been running projects with impact since 1980, but we need more help to reach our exciting new goals and empower even more prisoners.  Prisons have the potential to be a life-altering and life-forming experience for prisoners. Our vision is to help South African prisons in realising this potential.


Through our Prison Ministries programmes we want to build bridges for prisoners and with your contribution can help us to build these important bridges. Your contribution will also impact the lives of prisoners long after their prison sentence has been completed. Help prisoners discover prison can be a place of learning, not only a place of punishment.


strengthen God’s work

Increase our support for prisoners in various ways and equip prisons to empower prisoners to learn and to grow. 

build bridges for prisoners

Through our project will connect them to their full potential and bridge the gap between prisoner and their community.

draw prisoners closer to God

We offer prisoners 20 different Bible ministry courses in their home language 

Together we can build bridges

Join hands with us to impact the lives of prisoners long after their prison sentence has been completed.



Account Name: BIBLE-MEDIA

Bank: ABSA

Account number: 40-5118-1699


Branch code: 632005

Swift code: ABSAZAJJ

Reference: email and name

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